Monday, 4 May 2009

How can People be so Cruel ~ Not for the Squeamish

After we had Llyw's 2 ferret gills & my Wolf taken here, Tara returned very briefly before she & her favourite PiriPup vanished once again from my yard. I'd given up ever seeing my 2 dogs ever again, which is why yesterday Annon got yelled at:

She'd let the 2 boys (WhiteTip & Midnight RippleBack) out & called that she was letting them back in ~ I was in the sitting room knitting when a a small black dynamo landed on my lap & I screamed at Annon because WhiteTip's tail had gone & with it all my sense & logic. It was Annon who worked out that, as she still had 2 very tailed black dogs round her legs, then the tailless 1 had to be Chut'Chut' returned.

Whoever took my puppy (6 1/2 months old now) had prepped him for fighting. He's a rough coat terrier type & looks like a gone-wrong Bedlington Terrier. Beddy's were originally bred for fighting, poaching & ratting, so either they were hoping to turn him into a ring dog, or were just using him to train up their own fighters. You can see Chut'ty's spine poking out through the end of his stump & he obviously rolled over in submission as he has a hole in him from his scrotum across his body & down a back leg ~ it's just like looking at a 1/2 eaten cut of meat still attached to the animal. (Chut'Chut's dad was a BC X so you have the BC love in him)

When he was on my lap yester evening he growled with intent whenever the other dogs so much as looked at him & I spent my time calming him & loving all the dogs, helped by Annon who had Piri & WT on her. Middy sulked. I was worried about bedtime as all the dogs like sleeping with me, so I took Chut'ty up first & Annon let the others up when she finished watching a dvd (no school this day!), but there were no problems at all & everyone settled down. I'm hoping that we can love our poor baby back to himself as he is still a loving, gentle boy under his wariness.

I rang the vet, but as his hole wasn't new, they couldn't stitch him together (I don't think they could have done anyway as there is a lump of dog gone) & as there seems to be no sign of infection, she told me to keep an eye on it & bathe him in brine. I also rang the Gardai to inform them that this was going on & to cover my back if the neighbour decides that I've been abusing my dogs again (both times she's reported me, the ISPCA commented on how happy, healthy & shiny-coated my dogs were! The second time, I was told by them that the Wolf was too skinny, but they left as a Wolfie breeder arrived & told me that she was too fat!)

If I could, I'd post photos of the under side & stump end of my poor baby & really gross you out. Beware if you have dogs, they may come after yours.


Phelan said...

I am sorry to hear about your pup. Has things improved?

Killi said...

He's doing really well ~ so well that I had to separate him from a stray duck! He's keeping the wound clean at all times & is lively & alert & yet so loving & cuddly

Meadowlark said...

How terrible. Although I'll admit I didn't read the whole thing, enough to get the gist of it without getting ill.

I am glad things are improving. Except maybe for the stray duck :)

Killi said...

Umm, I suggest you don't read the illustrated version over at WordPress, then! It was gruesome, but is getting so much better now.

Did you ever get the chicks?

Meadowlark said...

OHMIGOSH YES... I Sooooooo suck. I got it right before I realized that my boss was going to fire me, and needless to say, I let all my personal responsibities go.

Killi, I am soooo sorry. I loved the book and BabyGirl and I laughed our asses off. Now I feel like a total heel, because it really did cheer me up when I needed it. (hanging head in shame)

Can I PLEASE send you something from my region in exchange? Of course, you have to tell me what CAN'T be shipped in the mail.

Killi said...

I'm just glad it arrived ~ I was worried that the postal system had eaten it. Glad you liked it & it arrived at a good time.

What do I want? Problem is that postage is expensive. Food & plants can't be sent, but other than that I'm not sure. I'm not sure where your region is, apart from US which is huge :)

Meadowlark said...

Then I'll not put in food or plants and if you'll send your address to meadowlarkgurl (that would be at gmail (dot) com) I'll find something exciting!!!! OK, maybe not exciting, but you'll see some of the high desert of the northwest. Woohoo

Killi said...

Oooooo, 'citing :)

sabrina said...

how terible hope everything is ok now
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Wedding Photographer said...

Sorry to hear that. It's really cruel. I'm sure things are better now isn't it?

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